5 Things To Remember If You Love An Introvert

5 Things To Remember If You Love An Introvert

There is no special rule book to loving an introvert, they are just as human as they could be. However, there are different ways to love one with ease. By that, it meant easily getting into their hearts and perhaps be reciprocated with the affection you give.

First of all, do not try to be any less of yourself even if you’re fully aware that you’re dating an introvert, especially when you’re the extroverted type. Introverts value sincerity in people, and are introspective. Learn from them, and allow them to broaden your understanding of people, love and life itself. Here are a few takeaways to loving an introvert:

1. Respect Space

Introverts are known for their need to recharge from social interactions. This means having to spend time with themselves for some introspection, a good book or simply be in their own company. Forced conversations are the least of what an introvert needs.
Just because you need to go away does not mean you are loved any less. It doesn’t always mean physical, but mental space will mostly do.

So, it is important for someone to respect the value of personal spaces when it comes to dating introverts.

2. Open Up

Introverts are known to be great listeners – they want to know people they are sincerely interested in. They pay attention to details (e.g mood, words, body language, things not said), you will be valued, and you will be heard. Keep them interested with conversations that bring value to you both – refrain from small talk, the weather, your weekend plans or so.

3. Learn to listen, like really listen too.

Conversations tend to be deeper when it comes to exchanging thoughts and words with introverts.

Introverts weigh options, over-analyze and would think twice before they speak or make decisions. You may have to be patient too.
Do not let them speak for the sake of waiting for your turn to respond. Listen, understand and allow a thoughtful exchange to take its course.
Introverts are Loyal.

Although not in its absolute sense of the word, but with the way introverts handle with people – they tend to be selective. This makes their circle small, but all are valued and are placed because he/she really wants to have them there.
With this, introverts get to focus their time and energy into their relationships, sometimes to a fault, but always with value and sincerity.

4. Introverts loved themselves first.

When it comes to self-care and self-love, introverts do it best.

How can someone love someone else, when they cannot love themselves to begin with. Such circumstance can only go so poorly, and a relationship that will end up feeling like a liability. Being with someone who is unapologetically himself/herself without ever being narcissistic, and the need of constant validation is a sign of a mature relationship. Introverts will love you in the way they want to be loved, and that is only going to go so well for you. Treasure it.

5. On Dates

Sure, introverts love the comforts of the quiet and are content with a book or coffee in hand, but introverts are up for adventures too. Open up your world and interests to them, but allow their introverted-ness to bask in the moments of every memory you are going to make – whether it’s on a mountain hike, an amusement park or a movie date night.

Like said, there is no exact rule book to loving an introvert as they can come differently with different experiences and values. Simply keep it real. Do not waste your time and energy in being someone you are not, and do not force your selves into doing things if they are going to be done halfheartedly, whether it’s loving an introvert or not.


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